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C J Mieny, U Mennen: Principles of Surgical Patient Care.

	 Chapter 1: Preoperative Care.
	 Chapter 2: Intraoperative Care.
	 Chapter 3: Normal Postoperative Care and Complications.
	 Chapter 4: Neurosurgery.
	 Chapter 5: ENT, Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Ocular Emergencies.
	 Chapter 6: Plastic Surgery.
	 Chapter 7: Orthopaedic Surgery.
	 Chapter 8: Cardiothoracic Surgery.
	 Chapter 9: Urology.
	 Chapter 10: Abdominal Emergencies.
	 Chapter 11: Vascular Trauma.
	 Chapter 12: Endocrine Crises.
	 Chapter 13: Organ Transplantation.
	 Chapter 14: Gynaecological Emergencies.
	 Chapter 15: Paediatric Surgery.