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District 9210

Bulawayo Rotary Club

Conference 2003

Rotary International Theme 2002 - 2003

    Dear Fellow Rotarian

    I write to extend a personal welcome to you to attend our district "City of Kings"   conference in Bulawayo in May 2003.

    The Conference will start with a "Meet and Greet" evening on Wednesday 14 May. Always a good opportunity to renew friendships made in previous years.

    The Assembly will be planned for Thursday 15 May and then on to  the full Conference. This will run through to the Governorís  Banquet on Saturday 17 May after which delegates will likely have  a slow start to the Sunday morning sports before returning  homeward.

    A full entertainment programme is envisaged harnessing the talents  of the local choirs and orchestra. This will be complimented by a home hosting evening to ensure we maximise the interface with local Rotarians from the four Bulawayo clubs.

    Bulawayo is renowned for its hospitality and you can be sure you  will be well taken care of whilst in the City. As previously the dynamic Conference Committee, under the leadership of PP Omar Hassim, will offer you a range of accommodation options from home hosting to four star hotels.

    Conferences are a great opportunity to have the batteries recharged, be motivated by dynamic speakers and challenged by the reports on Projects. GSE and Youth Exchange presentations enhance the  international flavour of our great movement. The Bulawayo Conference committee promises to deliver a fun filled, affordable Conference to add to your fond memories.

    Make a plan with our fellow Rotarians here at the Lake to meet  again next year in Bulawayo. It will be our pleasure to welcome  you to the "City of Kings" conference.

    Phil & Sandy Whitehead

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