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Stewarts and Lloyds Water Irrigation Engineers

Services and Products Offered

Design and installation of water supply, sewerage and water treatment, centre pivot, lagteral move and drip irrigation projects comprising stainless steel and deep well borehole cylinders, G.R.P. high capacity pipes, 'B' type bush pumps, modular tank stands, valves, pipes, tubes and fittings, windmills and lister diesel engines, fluid conveyance and control.


Business activities comprise off the shelf product salves, scheme designs, system installation and component manufacturing, contract supply, system and lister pump repairs, maintenance and spares sales.


Lines of credit and bank guaranteee facilities are available to primary suppliers comprising Zisco Steel and Tybe and Pipe Industries and letter of credit facilities are available for the supply of lister type diesel engines.


Primary markets served comprise the large commercial and small-scale farmers, communal and resettlement areas, government departments and donor community agencies, parastatals, rural district and town councils, municipalities, manufacturers, mining and construction sectors.


Total annual market potential for the Souther Africa region is estimated at Z$ 852 600 000 with Stewarts Lloyds market share estimated at 12% (equivalent to Z$ 102 420 000).


The division is an official distributor agent for Lister (South Africa) type engines. Thanner (Souther Africa) deep well pumps models, Van Lluwen and AIG Sales (South Africa) transmission tubes, Davey and Vosa (South Africa) valves and Jooste (South Africa) stainless steel cylinders and IT Jooste Research (South Africa) windmills.


Projects undertaken over past 5 years

Client                                                Title                                                        Year

Zagrinda                                            Tomato Processing Plant                    1999

Beitbridge Rural District Council    Lister booster pump                1999

Umizingwani Rural District Council        Lister booster pump sets            1999

                                                                        Tank stands




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