Stewarts & Lloyds

A Subsidiary of the Integrated Engineering Group (PVT) Ltd

Stewarts & Lloyds has been active in Zimbabwe for nearly half a century and has a wealth of experience in servicing a broad spectrum of customers involved in industries such as:

agriculture, rural water supply, general engineering, mining, petrochemical, building and construction, iron and steel, chemical, pulp and paper, and nature conservation.

Its traditional core product range of structural tube, steel pipes and fittings, valves, pumps, diesel and petrol engines and irrigation equipment has developed into a wider product portfolio to include plastic pipes and fittings, storage tanks, electric motors, water meters, floor grating and handrails.

Stewarts & Lloyds - "A leading player in the Irrigation Industry"


S+L  water engineering division

                water systems designing

                irrigation systems designing

                water and irrigation systems - installation.

S+L sales engineering division

                components for the implementation of water and irrigation systems,

                pumps, engines, valves, pipes, sprinklers. Also, off the shelf sales!

S+L workshops division.

                Support in manufacturing components for the water and irrigation systems.

                Windmills manufacturing.

                Pumps and engines repairs and maintenance.

Stewarts & Lloyds - "Water Engineering Products under one roof"




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